Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Margaret Cho Was In Town

If your sense of humor is the least bit suspect or is kinda prudish, don't even bother reading this post. It might just piss you off. I don't think Margaret Cho is that controversial. At least in this sphere of my social circle, we think she's simply very forthright and vocal. But she is a performer after all, and anything that gets people talking is deemed helpful to her career. Along with excellent comedic timing and a great sense of awareness of her audience, her honesty is brutal and cutting. Vulgar? Definitely. Margaret Cho's shows are not for the faint-hearted or the easily-offended.

American-Korean Margaret Cho's R18 Singapore shows on her 'The psyCHO Tour' were definitely way more risqué, vulgar and witty than Her Madegesty's R18 non-rebellious show last weekend. That was quite a yawn, stiffled and rather apologetic, Madonna's amazing stamina and showmanship notwithstanding. In contrast, Margaret Cho's truly 'rude' lines were such a hoot!

Over two nights, the indomitable Margaret Cho picked out different opening lines, different stories and daringly poked fun at everything- the righteous, the fundamentalists of every thing, poked fun at her family members, the stories behind her tattoos, her sexual abuser who's also her uncle; politics and Hollywood, Donald Trump, Asian stereotypes, and defended LGBT rights.

She was also clearly plugged into SOME going-ons in Singapore. Like China Wine thingies and Lawrence Khong. Someone summarized it for her rather succinctly and she read her audience well. The straight-talking Korean-American comedian didn't steer clear of any topic. Not going to repeat what she said in this post. You had to be there to get it, and importantly, to feel it.

Margaret Cho didn't veer away from difficult ideas, poked directly on dark topics, and made some in the audience uncomfortable; everyone in the theatre felt it, and knew it when silence greeted some of the lines. Exactly what the audience needed- the ability to confront and face thorny topics head-on. Exactly what I needed that weekend- dark laughter. In that way, it was an immensely enjoyable evening. Made all the more awesome because of good friends who get one another, firmly entrenched in the circle of trust, ensuring that we have a safe space for thoughts voiced aloud and frank offline conversations.

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