Tuesday, March 08, 2016

New Flavors At NUDE Seafood

When we weren't paying attention, NUDE Seafood swopped out its menu, expanded its breakfast offerings, did away with the chilean seabass, soba and poached egg, and introduced new stuff.

Visited the restaurant with the intention of checking out its portions. The BFF got back to hanging out at an office smack in the CBD, went to NUDE for the first time, enjoyed it, but complained the portions were tiny. The BFF does eat a lot more than I do (she runs crazy lots and does the CrossFit thing), but her photos of that particular meal looked really sad. I was surprised and decided to pop by NUDE with V. Then wham...new menu. And renewed crowds and a snaking line at lunch.

There're now a bara-chirashi bowl and A MEAT- Spanish bone-in-pork chop! Quite a big change. Good for meat-eaters and regulars looking for updated flavors. Although it's limited the selection of fish now, the hickory-smoked salmon is still on the menu, along with grilled king prawns. Those are always a good mix.

The bowl of bara-chirashi doesn't include soy sauce. Neither was it available as a condiment. But it didn't seem necessary. It wasn't popping-delicious, but it was decent. For S$17, there's pretty much nothing to complain about. The cubes of seared salmon belly, ikura, tamago and pickles gave it lots of flavor. I couldn't finish the rice.

Didn't try out the meats. Stuck to the items of fish. Dragged V out again for lunch within the week to try out the other items.

The fillet of brown butter barrumundi with risoni, pesto, pumpkin and vine tomatoes was delicious too. Kinda like the combination of pesto and risoni. A generous-enough portion we thought. On a not-hungry day, the herbed mushrooms with forgotten grains and pickles hit a spot. Super light and healthy bites.

Slightly mind-boggling is their miso-walnut snapper accompanied by quinoa with cured duck and locally grown vegetables. V selected this plate and I stole bits of it. Fish was fine. The quinoa tasted like claypot rice. :P There weren't bits of cured duck in there though. Ahhh, but it explains the taste. Doubt they used the 'Asian waxed duck'. Hurhurhur.

It's an interesting menu change. Not ideal for strict pescetarians, but good for the restaurant winning over new diners, and refreshing the palate of those looking for a light and clean meal but not averse to usage of meats in the ingredients. There're enough choices to cater to most dietary preferences. Love how the restaurant meshes the flavors together. Satisfying meals to be found at NUDE still.

Said miso-walnut snapper with quinoa, cured duck and local vegetables.

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