Saturday, April 09, 2016

A Matcha Chocolate Coconut Loaf

If bakeries sell better quality cakes that are low in sugar, I'd probably eat more cake. One of the best gifts friends could give us are in the form of home-cooked and home-baked edibles. We've been really blessed with fabulous friends who spoil us this way. Each gift is unique and so precious.

In our fridge sat a loaf of matcha sprinkled with chocolate and baked with coconut oil. Baked with much love and effort by Y and A, the beautiful loaf was the best thing to cheer the man who got back exhausted from another hectic work trip. He likes desserts, and loved the itty chocolate bits in the loaf.

It was baked with no butter. No idea how it was done, but one end held no sugar and the other end held more sugar. No matter. Y and A were sparing in the use of sugar for this loaf (and most of their bakes) and it was way less sweet than the usual bakes. I really like the end without sugar. Promptly sliced up the loaf, removed those slices without sugar and kept them separately for myself. Hurhurhur. All the slices didn't last very long in the fridge. Gone in three days.

Thank you so much Y and A! We loved it! It was beautiful.

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