Friday, April 08, 2016


It has been a while since I headed out to lunch on Fridays with Y and Missy. School keeps the girls busy and I've been in and out of town and tied up with meetings. So nice we found a date. Well, I had to retrieve a bear, and Missy didn't have homework for that weekend. Felt kinda Fri-yay! Wheeeee.

Went to Pacamara. Luckily I had a coffee before their grinder went kaput for the afternoon. I was intentionally early after meetings in the CBD and wanted to clear some emails before the girls arrived. Y didn't need a coffee when she came in. Took juices instead. We went down the road later for more caffeine.

Food came quickly on lovely heavy plates. The cafe now serves up surprisingly decent food. We really enjoyed their grain salad. Well, at S$15, I do expect it to come chockfull of goodness. I was quite thrilled that the 'big breakfast' came with a hash brown exactly the way I love them. Rather unfortunately, the little girl likes them too. Y rolled eyes at both of us and said she didn't want hash browns. Muahahahaha. Gave them to Missy and she generously shared half with me.

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