Thursday, April 07, 2016

To Tatsuya For A Delicious Bowl

Felt like having the localized version of sushi. The type that mixes up everything and can't be classified as nigiri sushi. Hopped into Tatsuya with V for dinner. We took the usual chirashi-zushi; all raw for V, and in aburi-style for me. It has been more than two decades and Tatsuya's bowl of rice and fish is still one of my all-time favorite items. Love the rice flavored with so many little things like anchovies, negi-toro and such.

Always nice to sit down with the girlfriend in the evenings after work when we could linger a little over the meal and catch up properly instead of rushing through the short lunch hour. Yes, there's the online stalking catching-up with the trivia in our lives that nobody else cares about except our friends, but nothing beats a face-to-face meet with people we appreciate.

Not too sure if we were hungry or greedy. I was definitely hungry and oddly craving for sticky rice. It was a hectic day of work and expended loads of energy climbing a fake cliff wall. After wolfing down the little bowl of chirashi-zushi, I had two pieces of sushi, a shima aji and a yellowtail topped with black fish roe and sea urchin. V was more prudent with the carb intake and took her giant scallops and yellowtail belly as sashimi. YUMMY.

Mine! A bowl of delicious stuff.


jo said...

Your bowl is a lovely work of art. Machiam terranium with that sprig of flowers!

imp said...

Next time we go eat! In between your jaunts to Japan.

jo said...


Su-Lin said...

Not sure what happened earlier! I miss this + you too!

imp said...

Su-Lin: Makan soon!