Wednesday, April 06, 2016

At The Karaoke

Finally held a belated celebration with the friends for the man. They said I couldn't let his birthday pass without doing something! Aiyoh, the stress. Okay, it's not a major party to throw. Nobody's going to get drunk. It's a casual outing like what we always do.

Rounded up some of the friends for a 10pm karaoke session at the kinda sleazy Cash Studio at the basement of Cuppage Plaza. Dunno. Each time I see karaoke rooms, I shudder at their hygiene level. :P Ran into another bunch of friends who were celebrating another birthday a few doors down from us. Woohoo.

Brought cake. Or rather Ethel (of Little Favors) baked and brought a gorgeous cake. She took all the care in packing it in a cooler bag in order to keep it cool and lug it to town. As usual, I didn't bother a cake for the man last week. Heeeheeheee. Told you I did pies instead.  But cakes always look so cheerful. Hurrah for Ethel who took all that effort!

Ethel had gone low on the sugar for the chocolate-porter cake topped with 'flowers' of peanut buttercream cheese mousse and dark chocolate ganache with crunchy Valrhona pearls. Wah! The buttercream was more salty than sweet and stayed so firm instead of being all soft and melty.

We keep ending up at Cash Studio Cuppage Plaza because it's a familiar venue and inventory has got all the rock songs for us, with some really cheesy videos. LOL. Shitty drinks and $20 for a jug of soda. The only thing- no more remote control for years now. Your phone is the remote. You'll have to download the Cash Studio app into your phones that must run on Android or Apple OS. Song selection is purely controlled via that. If you don't have such a phone or is reluctant to use it as a remote, then don't bother coming here. There isn't a non-phone option. Quite annoying.

Friends are silly. They like singing. Me, not so much. They don't have a habit of going singing often. It's like they do it once a year. At most twice. Let them shriek their hearts out then. Three hours simply flew by. Fantastic company. Closed the night with Stereophonics'Dakota' and Mötley Crüe's 'Home Sweet Home'.

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