Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Kappa Vevichathu

Shamelessly went over to the friends' for dinner. We brought nothing except for slices of 'super stacked chocolate cake' and flourless chocolate cake bought at Awfully Chocolate.

There were chicken curry and stir-fried broccoli. J has totally gotten his 40-minute chicken curry recipe down pat. Even the potatoes were soft. Then there was another dish of vegetables. Not okra. Thought it was ivy gourd. But I could be wrong. Too lazy to text the friends now to ask. I'll ask the vegetable stall people tomorrow when I go get supplies. The ivy gourd was lightly stir-fried and low on oil; it was perfect with the curries.

The star dishes were kappa vevichathu and meen curry. Kappa is basically mashed tapioca and coconut, Kerala-style. This is usually breakfast food, but for me, kappa and fish curry are heavy foods- my stomach likes them best at lunch or dinner. It was YUMMY. It's not easy to find kappa at the restaurants; only found in the friends' or their parents' kitchens. Savored our portions.

There were also tiny pieces of fried ikan tamban (sardines) to go with the curries. I can never tell the difference between ikan tamban and ikan selayang (round scad). They look similar. There was so much food left. Couldn't finish it. Our darling friends made us pack up the food in to-go boxes to have them the next day for lunch. Woohooo. Couldn't refuse! Heeeheee.

Ate with hands so that even after washing up and when we were back home, there was this lingering smell of curry and spices. Ahhhh. Smelt so good till I wanted to eat it again for supper!

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