Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back At Bollywood Veggies

On weekends, it's always a pleasure to go on a walk to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, then to Kranji Marshes and stop at Bollywood Veggies for an early lunch with the friends. The morning was overcast but the skies held. Not even a drop of rain. Made for a very perfect stroll all the way to an early lunch at 11am.

Can't help ordering the same items each time we eat at Bollywood Veggies' Poison Ivy Bistro- the Indian vegetarian platter. The sambar is good. We ask for sambal belachan too. Pretty decent. Since it was a table of four, we made it to the dessert platter of kueh, and could even buy additional loaves of banana bread and jackfruit bread to take home.

To be honest, the food is average. Oddly, we like it enough to return a few times a year. I really enjoy the food, the weirdly wide variety of menu items, the company and conversation. Also, we take comfort in knowing that majority of its ingredients are supplied straight from the farm and cooked fresh with little salt and oil. The relaxed atmosphere of the bistro amongst the green is such a gem. Its air-conditioned indoor area is much appreciated too. Driving up here is always a breeze. It's as close to the 'countryside' as we can get.

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