Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sometimes it Snows in April

Too many of my childhood music heroes have died. This year hits especially hard. 2016, you're breaking my heart. The year began with the death of David Bowie, then Maurice White, Glenn Frey, and others. Then Prince. We aren't even at the halfway mark of 2016. :(

There's a feeling of loss, not the deeply personal sort obviously. It's a sentimental loss without regard to whether these musicians are assholes in their private lives. I look at the scene today and mourn of the passing of an era. There's talent aplenty of course, but few musicians have taken the world by storm as David Bowie or Prince did. The flamboyance doesn't quite match up to these legends now gone. Unless we only remember them because of how their music accompanied our teenage years and through all the angst.

With Prince's passing, I feel old. He has got 39 studio albums and so many fantastic songs. Hard to pick just one favorite song. 'Starfish and Coffee', 'Thieves in the Temple', 'Diamonds and Pearls', 'Cream', and even the cheesy 'Kiss'. Had loads of fun tinkering out the tunes on the piano and the guitar. The man has been on the guitar strumming songs non-stop. Well, a welcome change from Guns N' Roses during the Coachella weekends. I've got a very soft spot for 'Purple Rain'. I don't quite take to the movie though. Eioow. The man made me watch it again that night. It's really... 80s horror.

Remember one of Prince's most epic performances? Done in the downpour. The 2007 Super Bowl XLI in Miami. Prior to this year, apparently it has never rained during a Super Bowl. Ha. Miami. Woah. Torrential rain and gale-force winds. Made us swoon when he covered Foo Fighters' 'Best of You'. Hurhurhur. Com'mon, Dave Grohl is way better on vocals and drums then the guitar. When Prince broke into the solo for 'Best of You', it was the most amazing thing.

(link to NFL's video of 'Prince's Full Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show'; 12:33min)

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