Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Cafe at National Museum

Not quite a fan of Food for Thought's (FFT) bistros. As meaningful as their causes are, their service is patchy across outlets, and food is middling at best. For years, I thought it quite crap, even at its price points. Especially the outlet at Botanic Gardens; nobody really goes there to eat. Recently, the kitchens seem to have improved. One fine afternoon, we settled into an easy meal at its National Museum outlet.

Menu has been revamped. The service staff that afternoon were quite lovely. Food came correctly, and fast. The grilled tofu mixed mushroom salad wasn't too sad and came with tempeh crisps. The garden city vegetable aglio e olio was all right. Good on them for upping vegetarian options and making them more robust than the sad strands offerred by the old menus.

R had no complaints about his crispy curry chicken with creamy wongbok slaw (which was really a big piece of deep fried chicken chop with curry mayo dip at the side), and salt and pepper fries. Hahahaha. It was brainless and very edible, he said. No comments on the basket of spam fries. Ma Ling luncheon meat thick cut fries. Woot. It's my guilty unhealthy indulgence. As long as the fries aren't miserly-cut and fried to a sad thin crisp, it's fine by me. There's now soy beef brisket on mash with sweet potato crisps, and a Foochow-style red rice wine chicken leg with mee sua. Both dishes were pretty tasty. Skipped the bits of chicken because I only wanted the mee sua and hard-boiled eggs. 

No dessert. The table went for milkshakes- good old Milo Dinosaur and Horlicks, and declared them absolutely divine. Okaaaay. Many have said that FFT's pancakes are nicely done, and have been good since day one. Lost on me. I don't like waffles or pancakes. Hahaha. 

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