Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy 38th BFF!

Fresh from a superbly awesome dive trip in Maldives where she swam with whale sharks, the BFF was all happy. She always does week-long birthday celebrations with all the friends. This year is no different.

Since I've earlier stalked her at her office and went to play, sending florals to the office isn't a surprise. Considered sending her a pot of greens, but never mind. Oof. She still likes her flowers. All good to brighten up her birthday week. She didn't want a get-drunk party or anything with copious amounts of alcohol. An easy lunch with margaritas it was. She actually decided on churros for dessert even before she chose the mains.

We spent the afternoon looking at...pots. Yup, cooking pots. She wants a small pot of a specific size in its width (circumference) and depth to cook INSTANT NOODLES. It has to fit those bigger packs of Japanese and Korean noodles. Zzzz. Also, it can't be in full stainless steel. Grrrr. Found an ideal one BUT it wasn't the right color and she didn't want to settle for it. I was THIS CLOSE to clonking her with the most convenient one. Nope, we didn't buy any. She really wouldn't have minded a pot as a birthday present. >.< Oh well, she probably has to taobao it.

Many happy healthy returns of the day, BFF. Hurry up and adopt a cat or two so that I can play with it. :p I can happily cat-sit when you travel! 

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