Friday, April 15, 2016

Reviewing The Fitness Regime

Thanks to the girlfriend's courtesy passes, the man and I hopped in to check out Virgin Active. Went at peak lunch-time just to see how crazy it gets. The man's loyalty to his current gym is wearing as thin as the age of the equipment and shower stalls. LOL. I'm reviewing my exercise options and a fancy gym offering corporate rates is very much more attractive. :P

It was great that two slots opened up at a Power Plate class. That was something I really wanted to try out at the gym, and since there're only seven machines, the class size is capped at that. I don't have much interest in its other machines or weights. I've always used my own body weight and resistance to tone and build strength. It's the pilates machines that are awesome. Aside from aerial pilates, I'd have to find out what I can do at the gym to sustain interest and justify membership fees. Not that keen on classes. Too many humans. AND NO NO NO CIRCUIT TRAINING, CROSSFIT, TABATA OR HIIT CARDIO CRAP. NEVER. If it isn't parkour, then I'm not doing those stupid star jumps and burpees. Also not keen on the type of 'personal training' the gym offers. Bootcamp-style routines and fierce enthusiastic trainers turn me off. I'm damn lazy.

It has occurred to me that if I do sign up with a gym, a new pair of running shoes is a must. I've got hiking boots and urban trainers, but not lightweight running shoes. Bought a new pair of Asics anyway. Heeeeee. Dunno what for since they aren't good for rocky trails. Runs are dreaded.

Anyway, a run mustn't be more than 5km and never more than once a week. There're two pairs of Vibrams for that purpose- one with thick soles and a thinner pair. Don't lecture me about heel fractures or whatever. I know. I've worn Vibrams to run for years and my feet are fine, thankyouverymuch. Our feet are all made differently. Will test out the new pair of running shoes versus the Vibrams for short sprints.

Rarely bother to ask the instructors to take photos of me at the pilates studio. Whatever for?! The man, however, thinks it's good to have photos or videos to know how to adjust form, gait or whatever. Isn't that what the mirrors are for? At Virgin Active, the man decided he wanted to grab photos of me on the machines. I'm really not so keen on those. Ignored him. Anyway, thanks for a nice shot of my biceps. Hahahahaha.


jo said...

LOL @ the shot of your biceps. Reminds me of a certain remark I made weeks ago.. Bwahaha.

imp said...

LOLx2! You're funny!