Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hey Spring in Seattle!

The weather forecast in Seattle promises to be kind. By that I mean temperatures in the range of 13dC - 24dC with some rain. Rain is the norm here. Whether we get that gorgeous sun totally depends on the fickle weather and Murphy. It was a mild winter—the plum trees and cherry trees bloomed in late February and lasted all the way till now.

Love this direct flight from Taipei into Seattle on EVA Air. Makes me feel less zonked than if I had to garner energy to deal with the domestic transit at LAX (from Tokyo) or SFO (from Seoul). With the ESTA on repeat visits within six months, I didn't even have to queue up at immigrations to talk to a human. I simply touchscreen-ed my way through, printed out my own 'immigration check-out' slip, shimmy to the shuttle to baggage claim and got out of Sea-Tac Airport within 20 minutes of landing.

No issues with locks on suitcases. Because, cable ties. WOOOHOOO. Sorted out the check-in at the hotel, picked-up our data-SIMs, and checked out information about the possibly mad weekend of May Day protests, Sounders and Mariners games and the Alaskan Way viaduct two-week closure, etc. In fact, the crazy friends sent a list of 'things to note in WA'. Hahaha. They damn free lah. I can get the information online, but it's much appreciated because the locals can get more in-depth stuff and the friends will know the sort of details I'm looking for.

Then crashed our friends' kitchen for dinner. Gotta pick up my rain boots too. Nothing elaborate since we just landed, although not too tired, we weren't at our finest witty best. Hahaha. A one-dish meal always works. The friends had earlier brought out the giant pasta machine to roll out radiatori. Fat and squat. So cute. They made a puttanesca of sorts. Convenient and delicious. Mmm. Much love and laughter. Hey spring in Seattle, nice to see you.

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