Sunday, May 01, 2016

Found Food Trucks

We could always stalk Facebook and chase down the food trucks. But it's a bonus to want lunch on a particular day after coffee with the friends, and randomly stumble across food trucks parked in a square. Score.

That day, there were Plum BurgersFalafel SalamSeattle Chicken Over Rice and Nosh. Oooh. Hot food that ain't crap or cost a bomb. This was a great place to do so. There's something for everyone, and there're tables and chairs available at this early hour to plonk at on a bright sunny day.

I get why people sit in the sun in 22dC. It's gorgeous. Who would want to sit indoors when it's so cheerful outdoors. I've spent so little time indoors. There's this urge to be outside when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. But I really prefer to wear a hat. Dohh. I don't live here and don't lack Vitamin D. I'll never sit outdoors in Singapore. Sit under the sun in Singapore heat and humidity for just 10 minutes and you'll probably get heatstroke.

Of course I opted for Falafel Salam. Hummus!!! Its falafel was delicious too. One of that and a huge side of hummus became my main. I really don't eat that much, and these portions are sufficient. This is fast food done super healthy. Pita bread is piping hot. I was so pleased with lunch.

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