Sunday, May 01, 2016

Hip Workouts in WA

As usual, I was scanning through the list of barre and pilates studios to sign up with these few weeks. Was flipping through Seattle Met and its February article about '10 of Seattle's Best Fitness Communities' threw me into fits of laughter. No wonder somebody called my fitness regime this year "hipster". LOL.

Well, it isn't as though I've just jumped on the bandwagon or follow trends. I've been doing various iterations of the same fitness regime for like...almost four decades. Dohhh. Once you've been a competitive gymnast/dancer long enough in school, even with injuries sustained, you'll never want to lose that flexibility and strength. I might train less now because there isn't a hard goal and I don't aim to be competition-ready for whatever. But I don't stop with the daily stretches. Never.

Anyway, the article. This short paragraph about barre tickled me loads. The last two lines-

Most people at the Capitol Hill studio wear official, branded socks. The busy lobby before class can feel like sorority rush, where a casually chic Lululemon dress code is unspoken but almost uniformly followed.

WHAT? I do like my fancy gym gear, barre and pilates. :P I don't need rippling muscles or well-cut abs. But it's hard not to be trim if one stretches daily. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CORE. Like my core is probably stronger than yours. *dissolves into peals of laughter*

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