Thursday, April 21, 2016

Marmalade Pantry at Novena

I really dislike Marmalade Pantry at Orchard ION because each time I walk in, its awful service and food are a double whammy. It's been years now and I avoid that place like plague unless I'm there only for a drink. It's tough to screw up drinks. Made the mistake of eating there a few weeks ago, the food was MEH.

However, now that Marmalade Pantry at Oasia Hotel in Novena has been around for some time, we braved it for J's birthday lunch. You know what, the service is good and even if the menu is the same across all outlets, the food at this one was decent, a lot better than the mushy crap at Orchard ION.

I think different outlets have got 'specials' of the day/week. This one at Novena offered laksa, chicken rice and fried rice. Sure, my laksa gravy didn't cut it, but the ingredients did- thick pieces of fishcake, three huge prawns and a crayfish. D and J's truffled field mushroom risotto and Asian-style truffled wild mushroom fried rice were pretty all right. Happy that the staff and kitchen could confirm quickly that the seemingly vegetarian items (listed on the menu without any indication) don't contain chicken or meat stock.

D had gone by for tea with other friends. Apparently the scones suck, but cupcakes are all right. I'll take her word for it. She's the champ at desserts. The old-fashioned chocolate fudge cake was delicious too, and D recommended that. So we got a slice of dependable chocolate cake to hold the birthday candle for J.

Many happy returns of the day, J. To your amazing strength and grace.


coboypb said...

Thanks again for celebrating my birthday in advance and your friendship, Imp and D! I agree on the delicious cake :)

imp said...

To friendship!

D said...

Glad we got to see you for your birthday :)