Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tame Impala

All right, a psychedelic rock band usually doesn't sound too bad live. Last saw Tame Impala in Singapore at Laneway 2013, the first year that it was held at Gardens by the Bay after shifting over from Fort Canning Park. The music's fine, fun to dance to and very Coachella (by now). But to me, they didn't make much of an impression then, and they still don't make me go wheeeee now.

Band is tight, the benefits of being on tour. Having vocals, guitars, drums and instruments make this way better than EDM or a DJ. There was allocated seating at the theatre, but nobody cared and people stood up to dance. People enjoyed the show. It was my first visit to the venue and in spite of it being rather fancy, beer in plastic cups (canned Heineken) purchased at its official barebones fridge were allowed in. It rained confetti at the start and at the end. Apparently the sound in the upper level was not great. Oops. It sounded good from where we were in the stalls.

I don't quite appreciate techicolor whirls as a backdrop. It kinda gives me a headache. There was plenty of that. Perfect as a setting in a club. Watching Tame Impala live isn't something I shriek in joy over only because I'm not a fan of the genre. Forgot to protest loudly when the man said he would get tickets to this show. I knew only a quarter of the band's songs, but it still made for a night out.

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