Saturday, April 16, 2016

Warong Mak' Shukur Is Closing

I'm sure there're still plenty of little good nasi padang stalls (not in air-conditioned foodcourts) dotted around the island. But one such stall we frequent is Warong Mak' Shukur at Toa Payoh North. Glad that we stop by for lunch whenever possible to slurp up all the rempah goodness.

It has been four good years since we regularly went by, and Warong Mak' Shukur is closing at its current location. The coffeeshop it's sited in is shutting for renovations and upping the rent. Haizzz. It's so hard to run a food business in Singapore—gotta keep the prices low yet maintain the quality of ingredients. So Mr Rashid and his wife Su aren't gonna be here after April 26. :(

I'm picky about the sambal belachan/belado, begedil, sambal goreng and paru (the soft version please, not crispy) for nasi padang. These are mainly what I eat. So if the stalls don't do these well, then I'm less inclined to return. I'm also not keen on the nasi padang stalls in the Arab Street and Jalan Sultan area. The quality has plummeted in the past five years. The one stall across from Sultan Mosque that's decent has a ridiculous queue and crowds. It's as though the whole island flocks there, especially crazy on weekends.

Mr Rashid and Madam Su haven't decided if they would continue with running a stall. They're considering the issues of location and rent. UGH. I'll ask the couple what they've decided on come June if they haven't already contacted us to update on future plans. Meanwhile, I'm glad to have eaten super decent nasi padang and their mee siam. Their food is kinda 'homecooked' in how they only churn out small batches, keeping its quality consistent and rempah chockfull of flavors. If the couple doesn't continue cooking, I'm really going to miss their spices.

Warong Mak' Shukur
Hai Fong Coffeeshop (right opposite the main entrance to SPH)
203 Toa Payoh North #01-1121 Singapore 310203
Weekday lunches only. Till 26 April 2016


Anonymous said...

Oh!! I was wondering why this place looked familiar. I used to eat there so very often when I worked at SPH. Sad...

imp said...

Dunno how it will revamp come June. I'll probably still swing by to look up the friends for makan since it's right across their office. Heeeee. It's quite amazing that for years, I've not eaten at any other stall in this coffeeshop. Whenever I hop in, it's strictly for its nasi padang.