Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Night of Pop Rock

I only know two songs from Bristol UK pop-rock outfit Coasts but their songs have been played to death at every hip cafe. It's got a sort of very 'Coachella and Laneway' sound that I'm not particularly hot about. Yeah, it's groovy and easy listening, and the chorus chords in every other song are erm...similar. But....yeah.

The room was filled with young screaming girls and boys. Ooh. We weren't exactly the oldest people in the room. But those older than us or perhaps slightly younger, came with their teenaged children and grandchildren. We struck up a conversation with an older couple. They said they came with their grandchildren to see what the hip bands nowadays were like, and made it a family outing. Okaay...

Supporting Coasts were Knox Hamilton from Arkansas and Los Angeles-based band Symmetry. I've heard Knox Hamilton's music, but know nothing about Symmetry. It's kinda cool to watch the bands and hear them play. That's always a treat. But I'm not a fan in that sense- this genre of music doesn't speak to me. :P

Happily bobbed along to Knox Hamilton. Their songwriting is a lot more attractive, although every other catchy melody line is also similar. Didn't mind them live. The thing about these bands- they've got great energy on stage. At least I know more than two songs from their 2014 album 'Work It Out'. Heh.

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