Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jaunts to Alki Beach

The sun has been simply gorgeous. What a streak of good luck with Seattle weather. Between bouldering at the easy walls of Deception Crags, and hiking nearby trails and all that, we keep returning to Alki Beach to run and kayak, and mostly run. Kayak-ing that day was bonus because it was a super hot day that almost felt like I was back home.

Although protected from greater currents, waters can be choppy since there're water taxies and ferries going through the channel and the container ships in the far corner where the port is. There're divers checking out the artificial reef junkyard and around the I-beams. You get the nudibranchs, rock fish and small critters. Unlikely to spot harbor seals till summer, and even then, it's best to spot them in a kayak, and do not attempt to hug a pup.

The cooler climate really helps in making runs pleasurable. In fact, I unknowingly ran 8km on flat pavement and kinda walked an extra 2km. The friends said so. I don't wear any sort of tracker or watch that keeps tab of the distance. My phone doesn't have any running apps either. Not very keen leh. It's not as if I'm so on about running. It just happens to be a good way to discover a city. Runs are kept to no more than an hour tops, preferably 50 minutes. I love the feel of the breeze and the sun and how it keeps the cardio up.

I don't bother packing food to these jaunts except for two energy bars and a bottle of water. It helps that there's Marination Ma Kai right there to fuel up. Fast food that makes you think it isn't that processed. Well, fish tacos is certainly okay, along with its delicious cubes of tofu. And oh, helllloooo spam sliders! Hurhurhur.

The next visits involved more brisk walking rather than running, and on one hot afternoon, spontaneously played volleyball on the tiny strip of beach. Oh my. I haven't played volleyball at the beach for yonks! Forgot how tiring it can be to run about on sand under the blazing sun to play three sets, or two. :P Luckily I always pack a cap in the suitcase. A day after volleyball, I ended up with nice bruises on the wrists and the arms. Kinda fun!

Downtown Seattle in the distance. The Space Needle is to the left.


D said...

envious of you enjoying great late spring weather! i always find kayaking much harder overseas as compared to in singapore. the current is so much stronger and water is always too cold to fall in (in europe), which is inevitable (for me!). Haha.

imp said...

I'm in a wetsuit to kayak! Otherwise it's really freezing when I get wet and wind blows. Eeeps.