Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring at Art of the Table

This time, we took the 6pm seating by the window so that I could get enough light for photos. Hahahaha. I've had enough of the yellow hue for food photos that come with not wanting to turn on the flash since that would be really jarring and impolite. Need to see the colors of the food better without having to shine a torch at it. I like the cosy restaurant in sunlight.

Art of the Table's asparagus terrine was a total winner. Layered with radish, it sat on a confit of cap mushrooms, mushroom dashi and sprinkled with a few drops of curry oil. I loved it! The restaurant definitely favors Neah Bay's black cod. It's a star dish that features on every tasting menu through the years. I've eaten it so many times and love how every time the accompanying ingredients change and the flavors such a burst of pleasure to the tastebuds. This time, it was accompanied by polenta, marinated shiitake, grilled ramp relish, wilted mustard greens, carrot butter, and pickled mustard seeds.

The man was so intrigued by pastry chef Shannon Van Horn's dessert- an olive oil cake with spearmint ice-cream, rhubarb compote, mandarin marmalade, meyer lemon curd, almond brittle and lavender syrup. He was taken mostly with the spearmint ice-cream—He didn't know whether to go 'eioowww' or 'ooooh'. See, our idea of spearmint has been too cultivated by Wrigley's.

Glad that the restaurant has hired more staff. The wait for food wasn't as long as the previous visits. :P Art of the Table's tasting menu is still exciting. We've stopped by so many supposedly good restaurants in King County and we're inexplicably drawn back to Art of the TableChef Dustin Ronspies and his team still created magic for our dinner, showcasing the seasonal best of Pacific Northwest ingredients and his take on the best ways to present them. LOVE.

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