Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ballard Farmers Market

The problem with farmers markets is mainly we can see but can't buy. Grrrr. We don't have a working kitchenette; although we could grab non-perishables of canned products as well as jars of preserves and whatnots. I'm also determined to transport a whole pack of late-season morels home. On a happy Sunday out with the friends, we finally could satiate our shopping cravings by watching them stock up on groceries at Ballard Farmers Market. Hahaha.

The tourists haven't flooded Ballard Farmers Market because it's a distance away from downtown. But Seattleites flock here to the open-air stalls for its decent choices, less claustrophobic vibe from the Pike Place Market. Well, you ain't gonna find fish and seafood here, but there're meats and vegetables. Those, and flowers at such unbelievably low prices. SIGH. Almost keeled over at how cheap peonies are. I quite like the whites that blush a light pink in the center.

This is how Veraci Pizza does awesome food-trucking.
Their brick and mortar in Seattle has just opened on 35th Ave NE.

The man is pleased to have breakfast and lunch on Sundays at the farmers markets. Good food aplenty! Oof. The man found another pulled pork sandwich to eat. This one's from Sea Breeze Farm that does a whole lot of meats and dairy. We ought to head out to its farm on Vashon Island for dinner at its La Boucherie. It's only a 1.5 hour drive from downtown Seattle. Truly farm-to-table.

Patty Pan Cooperative's quesadillas smelt great sizzling on the grill. Bought a vegetable quesadilla. In the cloudy grey 13°C late morning, the piping hot grilled vegetables and corn tortilla were super welcomed. I have a weakness for sparkling sodas. There're some good bottled options in Singapore now, but of course there're more here. Hurhurhur. Oddly, the sparkling sodas I've been quaffing here hold no more than 11g of sugar. I regretfully give up those that have 30mg of sugar. I'm kinda done with tasting all the ginger beers. It's all about lemonade on this trip. Firefly Kitchens' Lemon-Aid with caraway probiotic brine ain't bad at all.

The man is also on a cookie blitz this trip. He has been eating so many cookies! The gigantic ones. Spotted Pinckney CookiesThey pop up at various farmers markets in WA. I didn't mind one piece of dark chocolate oatmeal, but being an American cookie, even if it's from WA (which makes desserts less sweet than the average Cheesecake Factory uhh crap), it's still too sweet for me. *shudder* They have a 'brown butter brown sugar bourbon spice with Woodinville bourbon'. We packed a whole dozen to-go. :P

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