Monday, May 30, 2016

Harmony Black

Came across Kindle Unlimited's offer of Craig Schaefer's 'Harmony Black' series. It's all about mysteries, FBI black ops, occult, supernatural, demons and the sort. Like Agents of Shield or X-Files.

It follows FBI agent Harmony Black, who is also an accomplished witch, and her new team Vigilant Lock led by maybe-werewolf Jessie Temple, and includes scientist April Cassidy and young hacker-turned-computer-security expert Kevin. It also introduces Harmony's romantic relationship with her childhood friend and Talbot Cave cop Cody.

Book 1 is titled 'Harmony Black'. It wasn't fantastic, but the plot was arresting enough. Kinda curious to see how it goes. Downloaded Book 2 'Red Knight Falling' too. These are books that I want to read but won't bother keeping. Happy they're 'free'. :P At least this series runs on the narrative of 'one mystery per book'. It's not a continuation, thank goodness. I needn't scream in frustration if Book 3 isn't out now.

Book 1 'Harmony Black' introduced us to Harmony and the team Vigilant Lock. The team dealt with demons and bogeymen, and solved the long-standing mystery of disappearing children in Talbot Cave which occurred like a plague once every few decades. A parallel arc suggested a government conspiracy 'Operation Cold Spectrum', but left it as is till the next book elaborates.

"What Jessie means is," I said, "somebody just put a bomb in Douglas Bredford's trailer, not long after he dropped a name that triggered government back-channel chatter all over the country. There's no way that's a coincidence." 
"It's a hot potato,"April said, "and his dying act was to drop it square in our laps. Lovely." 
"Until we know exactly how Linder is involved, and what Cold Spectrum is, nobody says a word to him," Jessie said. 
April flipped through the pictures, one after the other, like a handful of puzzle pieces that just wouldn't fit.  
"It appears," she said, "we've just become a conspiracy inside a conspiracy. Welcome aboard, Agent Black. Look on the bright side: at least you'll never be bored."

Book 2 'Red Knight Falling' dealt with a banished God in outer space, a satellite named 'Red Knight' that held a warding talisman since 1954, before any known space technology or Sputnik in 1957, secret well-funded organizations, and the egos of billionaires turned talented powerful and wayward wizards.

We hear of Operation Cold Spectrum again, and how the team ran secret investigations and believed their handler-boss SAC Linder Wendt was involved. But nothing further is revealed. Till the next book I suppose. Book 2 hints at Book 3's storyline, which is likely to be another catastrophe befalling earth courtesy of an evil organization The Network, and them co-opting billionaire-wizard Robert Maurius 'Bobby' Diehl to wipe out Vigilant Lock.

"Yes. We crave their obliteration. The entire organization, every trace of their existence, down to their very last operative. And we would like for them to suffer. You will do this for us. Make their destruction a fitting tribute to the kings, and you will be welcomed into our fold." 
Bobby's response was a trembling, furious whisper.  
"With great pleasure." 
"Good," Adam said. "Always remember: we'll be watching."

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