Sunday, May 29, 2016

To Kedai Makan For Some Chili

At some point, a chilli craving will arise, and I'll need to go drink a bottle of chilli sauce. Sriracha not counted! BUT, there's Kedai Makan up on the Hill. WOOOOHOOO. And I do like their sambal which holds a lot of heat.

Kedai Makan has adopted the Nowait app, making it easy to gauge waiting time and get in line. The app is great for dining at restaurants that don't do reservations. And plenty of Seattle restaurants still don't take reservations. I really like the app. Don't have to mooch around waiting for a table. It'll be so useful in winter.

Got into the virtual line at Kedai Makan before we left the hotel, and halfway in our Lyft car, the text message came in to inform us that we've got a table. Hurrah! However, Nowait only works in US and UK for now, probably with a local number, and you need to be within 10 miles of the restaurant to join the waitlist. Laughed quite hysterically at the 10-mile radius thing. In Singapore, that covers like half the island. Heh! If this app gets to Singapore, it needs to cut it down to like...four miles.

We were curious about the whole mackerel stuffed with rempah (chili paste, lemongrass, galangal) served on rice and kerabu taugeh. But no more stomach space. Also curious about the Malaysian style nasi biryani ayam which promised basmati rice cooked with spices and ghee, but we weren't ready to pay US$14.50 for this version. You know it isn't quite about the price per se. Picked the US$12.50 nasi goreng kambing which was GOOD. It came with kecap manis, curry, sprouts, greens and a fried runny egg. EGG. Yummy. Well, the lamb was tender and lovely. The rice held no wok-hei of course, but it was fine. Asked for a side of sambal and it was properly spicy. Perfect.

The duck egg gado gado was strange. I love the poached duck eggs. They were awesome. The crackers were great, but as far as gado gado goes, this one is a fail. The vegetables were drowned in a gravy that is completely odd, even if this is a re-interpretation. Did they use too much tamarind and lime? It's too salty, too sour, too wet, and there were only four miserable rectangles of tofu. This dish requires a whole lot more tofu!

The restaurant recently started making their own wheat noodles. Yay. That's a selling point to me. Ordered the chili pan mee. You know what, I love this version. It's so much better than what I've tasted back home. Never mind about Kuala Lumpur. Kedai Makan does it so much better. The minced pork used here was properly lean, not like the fatty nonsense at home. The sauces were done well, and the chilli mix was beautifully spicy. The egg, of course, was gigantic and tasty. I didn't take so much of the pork, but I happily slurpped up the noodles.

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