Thursday, May 26, 2016

Discovery Park

It's nice to meet friends for a walk or a run, and chat along the way. You could see it as an optimal use of time, but I see it as quiet time with people I like. Glad that with my closest friends, we can do this, even in hot hot humid Singapore—just slap on mozzie repellent.

Hit the trails on Discovery Park thrice so far. It's a really convenient Seattle park that offers gorgeous views. It's still located within the urban sprawl in the residential estate of Magnolia, across from Ballard. But its proximity right next to the bluffs creates a beautiful space and jogging/walking trails that gives you the feeling of 'getting away from it all'. I love this park!

I definitely like running on trails a lot more than on the treadmill, elliptical or pavement. There's something magical about sprinting through the woods pounding on mud. So instead of a slow hike, run. Clearly demarcated, the trails are more urban than wild. Muddy at most. Loop around the park. The elevation is gentle. Once you hit the lookout point, those views of Puget Sound are glorious.

We always loop down to the beach where the West Point Light stands. It's literally the most western point of Seattle. First lit in 1881, the lighthouse was automated in 1985 and it's still active. From the beach, you'll see the still snow-capped Mount Rainier on the left and the Olympic mountain range on the right. There's so much beauty. No wonder the county is determined to preserve park access via footpaths and trails and not let vehicles cut through.

The beach is where we stop for a long drink and a sandwich. The weather's been marvelous and it's extremely enjoyable to sit under the sun, feel that breeze on our skin, and carry on with the food. There's no shade at the beach, but caps/hats should be worn, so getting some sun in our faces isn't an issue.

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