Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sam Choy's Poke

Dunno why I'm obsessed over poke this trip. It's an Hawaiian import and pretty much our version of chirashi-zushi or bara-chirashi. Raw fish salad with or without rice. There isn't a 'right' way to make it. It just has to turn out tasty, and it's all in the seasoning.

I could easily churn this out at home and add on more ingredients, or hop into any Japanese eatery to eat it. But hey, this is great weather. I want to eat poke at the food trucks and delis, outdoors. In Seattle, there's the much raved about newly opened 45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar. It was GOOD. But I gotta try Sam Choy's Poke to the Max. They've got three food trucks running across Puget Sound and it isn't difficult to catch one at lunch.

Sam Choy's Poke to the Max truck was right there at Westlake Park (off Macy's) for lunch service. Eh, it isn't as though food trucks are cheaper than restaurants. The good ones are definitely not. They average about S$19 for a bowl of something. S$12 if it's just a simple sandwich. I haven't had to use much cash in King County. Even if the smaller stores don't take Amex, there's ApplePay. :P Most food trucks take credit cards anyway. YAYY! Although it's always a tussle whether to tip that additional US$1 or $2 for take-out.

The man has been on this blitz of eating pulled pork sandwiches all over town. He continued with it at lunch. He went for the US$9 portion of 'Big Kahuna Kalua'- a slow-cooked Kālua pulled pork layered with house slaw and namasu (pickled vegetables), green onions, cilantro and wasabi aioli with Filipino bun. He declared this one a winner too. Apparently it isn't difficult to find a good pulled pork sandwich in Cuban or Hawaiian style in King County.

I was there for poke and nothing else. That 20-minute queue in the sun (with a cap) was so worth it. Added an egg and slices of avocado to my US$12 bowl of salmon poke on a mixture of white and brown rice. There were plenty of onions, sea salt, soy, sesame oil, etc. Oddly familiar Asian flavors. Umami aplenty. Ridiculously delicious. I was so pleased.


Liverella said...

Love poke and it's freshness,hoping for more in Singapore. It should work well in this crazy hot weather. Having said that I'm looking forward to my trip to Hawaii in July to enjoy it in its full glory ^^

imp said...

Plenty of poke bars in Hawaii for your choosing! Even more ingredients laid out at the counter to make up a bowl of your choice. Have a great trip!