Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shopping for Sportswear

Singapore shops have a really strange perception of customer intelligence. Landlords have an unrealistic perception of how much tenants are willing to pay to secure prime rental spots. I understand if shops have to mark up final prices. But many items are almost three times of US retail prices. That's really annoying. Has globalization not normalized retail prices of some brands?

Shopping online solves the issue, but of course our Customs won't be pleased. Hence we get the S$400 cap per shipment on inbound purchases via post, and they're finding stupid ways to tax us even more on shopping overseas. Not mincing words here because I find it ridiculous for Customs to impose a S$600 cap per person on overseas shopping, which includes gifts from friends or relatives. How on earth do I pay GST on gifts?? WTF. Ask the friends how much my gifts cost? As long as you're going to 'consume' these purchases and gifts in Singapore, technically, you gotta pay GST if you bust S$600. How many analysts did it take to reach that magic number? How about upping it to S$1200? GRRROWWL.

I rarely hit the shops unless it's to buy gifts or try out sizes for sportswear. Singapore is so damn humid that I live in dri-fit and whatever sweat-wicking clothing all day. Shopping in Singapore is unpleasurable. Never mind the crowds, its prices are off-putting. Didn't bother with Niketown in King County. They've upped their prices so much that it matches whatever Singapore stocks. Unless you buy on Finish Line or something. Anyway Nike shoes don't fit me, so I simply tagged along when the man went to look for track shoes. He gagged at the US$225 price tag (excluding sales tax) of the impractical Air Max range (not to be risked on trails and rocks).

Pleased with the US prices at Lululemon. Mostly ordered online since the stocks are better controlled than their physical stocks at the stores. BUT I still went to all three Lululemon stores in Seattle. Heeeeeee. Well I didn't intend to, but I was getting stuff at The North Face and Lululemon was just a few doors down at these locations... Was kinda thrilled when I chanced upon many items at marked-down prices in-store which were in mint condition in my size.

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