Friday, June 03, 2016

Mashiko, Again

It wasn't that tough a call- skipped the newish Sushi Kashiba. 75-year old sushi Master Chef Shiro Kashiba somehow decided to open up his own restaurant again last November. I didn't have a desire to check it out then. Not quite bothered now too. Went for a more Northwest presentation at Mashiko.

The last time we sat at Chef Hajime Sato's table and were delighted with the meal. Tonight, we ate at Chef Blaine's table and came away impressed too. Never mind about the sushi rice or ratio of vinegar. It can't be done to the way I love it. But Chef Blaine made the sushi beautifully. The rice grains were firmly pressed together and yet soft enough. The albacore tuna sushi was beautifully topped with garlic and ponzu. Loved it. Asked for seconds.

Skipped the sake and the beer. Too much beer in the afternoon already. Stuck to iced water and I caved in to a cucumber soda. Ten courses of awesomeness, excluding seconds of sushi, and including a yuzu crème brûlée for dessert. I really loved the abalone with onions and mushrooms. It's really quite the star here. Mashiko has managed to do the Hawaiian awabi tender and full of umami. Happiness in a bowl.

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