Saturday, June 04, 2016


Strolled by a poet and his manual typewriter offering poems for whatever price you choose to pay. We asked to write a few lines about 'time'. Beyond the usual hello, we didn't spend time chatting. Didn't even talk about the weather. He simply paused, took a deep breath and typed away furiously. In less than five minutes, he read aloud his finished lines.

He probably has an arsenal of inspiration and could choose whichever to use based on the mood of the day, and of whatever we asked. With a topic as wide and boring as 'time', there's always an element of travel as well; he chose to focus on that in our poem.

disintegrates/ in infinity. / 
linear doubtful &/ dutiful / embody/ the clock/ of alarming/ industrialization. / 
decimated in will/ power and/ fulfillment/ of x desire./
no desire/ and time rounds out/ inventing new/ methods of travel/ and symbols/ of transcendence. 
~ W C

The poet seems to have been doing this for many years, from Manhattan to Los Angeles, and now Seattle. He is William Curtis and can be found at @williamthepoet on Instagram for now.

I rarely buy souvenirs. I mostly take away memories, postcards and photos. It's kinda cool to have this poem as a souvenir—a personalized piece of tangible memory on a piece of paper typed in a font I like. Thanks for another resplendent spring, King County. It has been a superb trip. I can't be more thankful for all the splendiferousness.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful souvenir! I'll totally get it too.

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