Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sakandonya Kunimaru「魚問屋國丸」

The BFF tried out a new-to-her eatery, loved it and immediately texted me. She was certain I'd enjoy the offerings at eight-month-old Sakanadonya Kunimaru 「魚問屋國丸」. We quickly made a makan date.

I trotted down after a packed morning of meetings in town. Smack in the middle of CBD where lunch queues form fast and crazy, the BFF insisted that we had to be there at 11.40am latest. Okay. We turned up even before they took the first orders. Hahaha. It was really hot though. The corner shop's tables are literally next to the road where the cars whoosh by and pedestrian traffic flows. o.O Be prepared to sweat it out. The fans are no match for the heat from the asphalt and concrete and humidity. No air-conditioning. Eat fast.

The BFF is spot on—I really enjoyed the easy Japanese food and casual vibes. Food arrives fast. One could order a la carte but the lunch sets come with iced hojicha, light miso soup and rather delicious chawamunshi. The food's satisfying when compared to the other barachirashi or kaisen-don bowls at nearby Japanese eateries; those are utter rubbish.

Skipped the kaisen-don. Took the salmon-don. Thank goodness the kitchen has pride and doesn't do the thick-cut pieces of fish that are quite a turn-off. They cut it thinner, but not paper-thin of course, and importantly, fresh, true to their branding of 'fish wholesaler'. (Namely Okinawa imports.) The eatery offers a swop from a rice base to a salad, or half rice and half salad. Nice! Payment in cash only please. There's apparently a sister outlet nearby at Gastro Fujiyama.

R came along for lunch. He took the chicken karaage. The bowl came with an appetizer of marinated tuna cubes with sesame seeds, which is very much like...poke! Heh. Actually, the point isn't about the chicken. I don't even like chicken very much. But you see, R declared that since my photo featured his hands hiding his non-fat slim tummy, he had to be credited if it went on the blog. Fine. There, I wrote these lines. BOO. Hahaha.


Unknown said...

Looks very good! Shall see when I can make it for a super early lunch. :)


imp said...

go early is good. dunno if you go later if there'll be bowls left though. they keep a count like 'today we sold 124 bowls', 'today is the record of 167 bowls'. they write it on the little board. quite funny.