Friday, July 01, 2016

Rainier Cherries In Town

Pleased that Rainier cherries are in town again. I love them so. I ate so many in Seattle. Don't care. Still indulging in them while the season brings beautiful ones into Singapore. Only Rainier cherries from Washington will do for me. The ones that state 'USA' are likely to be from California. There are also differences in the taste of cherries from New Zealand or Australia.

Each year, the retailers probably swop out their suppliers, and the quality of the cherries fluctuates. Rainier cherries bruise really easily and once the packers don't do it carefully, I end up getting a box of bruised cherries. Somehow I don't have a habit of buying fruits, vegetables or meats online. This year, I don't mind Rainier cherries from Meidi-ya and the fruit stalls at Tekka Market. It's about S$30-S$35 per kg. The boxes hold perfect little cherries that aren't bruised or moldy. Needn't throw away any. 100% into my tummy. Unfortunately the ones on discount at the supermarkets are generally over-ripe and mushy.

These cherries fly off the shelves fast. Grab them if you spot them. I ate cherries for meals in WA and I was mad enough to haul back 10kg of WA Rainier cherries end May. :P That satisfied the most urgent and intense cravings. The season usually ends in early August, but this year it might be end July since it's a much warmer spring and summer. Ate my fill of these delightful cherries over two weeks. Savored them slowly. Mmmm.


coboypb said...

I bought some Rainer cherries from Fairprice at $6-7 for a small punnet yesterday. They are not as firm and sweet as I like.

imp said...

oh. maybe it's the tail end of their stocks. :(