Saturday, July 02, 2016

Wild Rice :: 'Geylang'

'GEYLANG' is staged as part of Wild Rice's
Singapore Theatre Festival from 30 June to 24 July 2016. 

Luckily the friends included us when they purchased tickets even though we couldn't confirm the dates. When I finally got around to looking to get tickets to Wi!d Rice's 'GEYLANG', they were completely sold out for every timing for all dates. Wah. The friends still had those tickets kept aside for us. Yay.

This play was first staged in April 2015 under the company's young & W!ld's program for young actors and writers. In this staging also directed by Rodney Oliveiro, the production has been tweaked, given a better set design, and presented by a new cast. 

'GEYLANG' holds four stories set in red-light district Geylang- an inter-racial relationship that induced tensions within both families and communities, struggling single mothers, gang members and leaders, prostitution and vice, civil servants and government agencies having to convince hawker stalls to either move or close down in order to make way for new developments. There was a lot of screaming on stage. Slapstick humor abound. I appreciate the stories. Not sure if I fully understand the bits where they were supposed to be funny and the audience laughed.

Zoomed straight to the theatre from my last meeting of the day. Didn't have dinner. Somehow, I wanted mee rebus for supper. :P Got that, and not in Geylang. Heh. 

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