Friday, July 15, 2016

A Scallop Swirls Top

Y made me a super duper special Scallop Swirls top. I was so so stoked to receive it. It was a perfect fit. Y and A make clothes for children in small quantities, carefully curating fabric and infusing lovely designs. They don't do any clothes in adult sizes. She doesn't even take orders and I've never dared to ask her about it. I know how complicated it is make clothes in adult sizes, what more for adult females who require different fits, and nips and tucks.

This is a one-off project. Very touched that Y, along with her mother-in-law, took the effort to sew it in my size and fit. Deeply grateful for the warm thoughts. Felt bad because it's a lot of effort, and also, I'm eating into their stock of fabric and whatever tiny margin of profit they gain from their usual children's dresses and shirts!

Thank YOU sooooo much from the bottom of my heart. #MissyMessySG

What a precious gift! I wore the brand new top to a tea reception. I was so tickled to see Missy in the identical print, but in a dress. We didn't discuss about that prior. Hehehe. She was rather pleased to see me wear it too. Of course we grabbed a few photos together. :)

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