Thursday, July 14, 2016

Full of Luck Club

Grinned when I saw the entrance to new-ish mod dim sum and Cantonese bites restaurant- Full of Luck Club. The doorway's slanted with a pineapple in the frame at the side. Well done, feng shui. The food's overall decent lah. It's the super-hip cousin of Li Bai after all. I eat at Li Bai often enough and don't mind a new hangout that's convenient too at its Holland Village location.

While there's the traditional steamed BBQ pork buns (char siew pau), the other buns or bao on the menu were more like sliders or mini burgers in terms of flavors and two pieces of bread. The steamed rice rolls (cheong fun) was good, as expected. It comes with a filling of either shrimp or char view. You could have the cheong fun plain, just ask the kitchen to do it, but pay the same price like how it would be with filling. Thankfully it isn't all pork. The siew mai came with chicken filling. Yay.

Claypot rice purists, don't order any. It isn't what you would expect. It isn't even similar to the pots served up at 大排檔 or zi char stalls. This is a way healthier version. Ours was the 'Mixed Preserved Meats' which held the usual preserved sausage as well as liver sausage and waxed meat. I quite enjoyed it because it wasn't as oily as some, and it kinda tasted like the type I'd cook at home. Heh. They also offer claypot rice in 'Yuzu Char Siew Cod' and 'Black Bean Smoked Duck'.

We were seated on its second floor. A giant prosperity cat (that maneki-neko) scared the hell out of me at the top of the stairs. That is the one cat I truly dislike. Eeeps. I also rolled eyes at the S$0.50 diners must pay for refillable iced or warm water. Grrr. Ordered beer instead. The selection of beers is surprisingly okay. Had a Gamblers' Gold (golden ale) and a Dragon's Back (pale ale); both are from Hong Kong Beer Co.  

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