Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Practicing Photography

This is a strange July and August. Oddly, I've been asked to be a guest photographer for a few events. A casual simple cosy wedding with less than 30 guests, a wedding vow renewal ceremony, a newborn's baptism, theatre rehearsals and facilitated group discussions. Well, it isn't my job, and when these friends ask, they know exactly why they're asking, and they also know I'd say 'yes' if I have the time. Heheh.

Sure, I don't charge because I can't. I'm not a professional. But I'm happy to take out my babies and glass to use them according to the needs of the occasion. No, these requests are not made with the idea of 'saving money'. Doesn't work that way. The friends also know that if I'm the only photographer on-site, then I can't be everywhere for those candid gorgeous moments. I'd have to focus, pick and choose, and adapt accordingly.

In another life, I used to shoot and charge for photographs. Mainly nature, which is a kind and loving subject. It can be temperamental, but more often than not, it's extremely satisfying. I was doing copy for those projects and wanted to save the hassle of looking for an additional photographer, and I could produce the necessary shots if clients aren't too fussy about brand-name shutterbugs. That's the whole point of having gone through structured photography classes and following mentors around right? To produce good-enough shots of my own.

Many people have a pretty good eye for capturing scenes. Look at Instagram. A good camera will help loads. Technology has leapt fast enough that a good set of lens and a large sensor will compensate for many things. Anyone can easily produce fairly lovely shots. Hence, I'm a little stressed. Whether I get that 'money shot', totally depends on luck, vibes, framing the shot in the mind and being in the right place at the right time.

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