Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ballet Flats

I'm always on the lookout for comfortable ballet flats that are below a certain price point. I walk lots and need them with rugged soles and tough-enough leather. They can't be expensive because I habitually thrash my shoes in a matter of months, and I tend to suddenly dump them for whatever frivolous and many reasons.

Wasn't even planning to step into a mall except that I was on the way to lunch at Silom and I needed to pee. Pit-stop for clean restrooms in a mall. And much welcomed air-conditioning. Heh. On my way out, I stumbled upon Ballet Shoes. Did a double take. What luck. I was randomly interested in the brand, but I've never worn their shoes.

Stepped in for a look. Ballet Shoes mainly makes...ballet flats in leather and sturdy soles, and some erm...ugly shoes and booties which are very comfortable. The shoes are a little heavy because of its practical soles. Those can withstand a bit of rain and mud. Tried on a few pairs and they fit fine. I can live with the prices. A pair goes for between S$85 - S$95. Bought......a few pairs. Oof.

I like my shoes the same way I like my clothes- boring and monochrome. They have to be as plain as possible, free of glittery embellishments. Thailand has got so many good bespoke shoemakers. I'm spoilt for choice. I've got fierce bunions. While I can find fairly comfortable shoes off the rack, if I have the time, I prefer to have ballet flats custom-made than to pay designer brands for rather useless dainty flats that can't do mud, a bit of rain or distance. Like O & B, Ballet Shoes isn't exactly bespoke. But they will do.

I've been living in Nikes. Don't like traipsing around Bangkok in open-toe shoes. The pavements are too uneven lah. The toes always get stubbed. Bravely wore one pair out for a full day. Even prepped a pack of plasters in case of blisters forming. But they stood up to my wearing fine. Just the usual red patches from pressure and friction. Not too tender, no blisters. Hurrah.

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