Thursday, July 21, 2016

โรตีสายไหม :: Roti Sai Mai

Since we were in Ayutthaya, we might as well hit up a roti sai mai (โรตีสายไหม) stall. Stopped by this row of stalls that lined the road (U Thong Road and Si Sanphet Road junction) across from Ayutthaya Hospital. All of them sell roti sai mai. Heh. I honestly can't tell which is good. It's only a matter of which stall adds more or less sugar to their product.

There's this one just in front of the Tesco Lotus Express that the friends go to. Uhhh, the name kinda translates into Bang Ari Roti Sai Mai (บังอารีย์ โรตีสายไหม). Apparently the stall has been around for 47 years. It used to be a shop/eatery, but now it's a roadside stall. Okay, whatever. But the friends swear that taste hasn't changed since their parents took them there decades ago as children.

I'm not a super big fan. I won't bother hunting it down in Bangkok. But we're in Ayutthaya, so I don't mind eating a few rolls. It's effectively candy floss. Spun sugar. LIKE PURE SUGAR. EMPTY CALORIES. The roti is just thin pieces of wheat flour. Crêpes. Luckily those aren't sweet. It balances out the sugar, somewhat. Once you place a bunch of 'floss' or silk threads onto the roti, roll it up. Either roll it up randomly or fold the sides into a popiah so that the ends don't stick out. Chomp. Eat. Repeat till candy floss runs out.

We still like the usual white/beige/brown silk threads in its natural colors, or the green ones properly infused with pandan leaves. Not fond of the rest of the rainbow colors for the candy floss or crêpe.

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