Saturday, July 23, 2016


I rarely bother with recommendations of restaurants unless they're made by friends who know my tastebuds. There're enough food blogs and reviews around to make a judgment call on which restaurant to try and which to pass. Hopped out to Somtum Der (ส้มตำเด้อ) at L's recommendation. A few other friends sang its praises too. Loved it! I'd return again and again to this branch at Silom. It's only a 10-minute walk from Saladaeng BTS station, making it a great lunch venue when I want to eat at somewhere slightly off crazy Sukhumvit Road.

The menu is wide enough with lots of yummy things. Grilled pork collar, cockles topped with chilli and lime, and the sorts Well, som tam is basically a spicy salad of anything. The base doesn't have to be papaya or mango. It can be string beans or coconut shoots; go nuts with the toppings. And Somtum Der has many delicious choices. They also have those with seeds of phak krathin (ผักกระถิน, from the pods of white lead trees). One should definitely eat som tam with sticky rice. Mmm. It's what I'd define as a 'light lunch'. Heh.

I managed to come by twice to slurp up awesome som tam. On the first visit, the servers asked if we wanted Thai-spicy. The man said no in English. Grrr. The second visit, I put in the orders in Thai and specifically requested it to be Thai-spicy. The servers were very tickled.

The man finally caved and ordered a dessert- ลอดช่อง, lod chong naam kati. Somtum Der does a good one! It's pandan flavored rice noodles in coconut milk. I suppose it's a chendol of sorts. Same rationale as good pandan chiffon cakes. The good ones are always made with pandan leaves, not flavoring or coloring. Avoid the neon green ones.

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