Sunday, July 24, 2016

Two Thai Patriotic Ballads

So we know that Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha wrote two songs to kinda uhh stir unity within the country. Apparently there's an unspoken rule to play these songs on television and on air once every top of the hour.

Being in a car going in and out of Bangkok means sometimes we switch to radio for the news, traffic updates and stuff. That means, we all heard the two songs for like five times a day. -_- The first song written in 2014 'Returning Happiness to the People' is so similar to this super popular Thai love ballad back in the day.

Unwittingly, even I can sing them now, especially the recently released second patriotic ballad titled "เพราะเธอคือประเทศไทย"(The song title translates into 'Because You Are Thailand'link to youtube.) The Thai PM penned this too. The fact that it's written into a pop melody and being 'forced' to listen to it so many times mean that the tune and lyrics are stuck in my head now.

I was gonna embed the videos in this post. But you know what, I'll just leave this here. :P

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