Thursday, July 28, 2016

Coffee Issues

The familiar old-style coffeeshop churning out dependable thick local Thai coffee.

After having that lousy Americano (or long black) instead of the expected super thick kopi-o-kosong at a Ya Kun, I felt so cheated. It was a good Americano, but I wanted that gao-gao local kopi like how Ya Kun Singapore does it. :( Toast Box in Bangkok seems more dependable for this local kopi fix. Hmmmmpf.

There're fewer issues with iced black coffee though. It's just normal-sweet or less sweet. Order an oo-liang (โอเลี้ยง) and it's pretty much thick and satisfying. Oo-liang generally means iced black coffee; it can come with or without milk, but it's usually with milk. But I'm not an iced-coffee person. I like it hot. It's the hot coffee that's the problem. People have all sorts of different definitions for it. Realized that I need to order it as "oo-liang, black, hot, no sugar (โอเลี้ยง, สีดำ, ร้อนไม่มีน้ำตาล)", and hope I don't get smacked.

Glad to have been able to get many other cups of decent local coffee, done in the same style as my dependable and familiar kopi-o-kosong and kopi-o-siu-dai.

However, some of the local old-school coffeeshops add butter to their kopi-o! You could see those oil globules float! ARRRGHHH. NO NO NO. I've sadly kena a few cups of that. Couldn't even drink beyond two sips.

However, I don't quite want a thick local coffee first thing in the morning. Don't mind those hip cafes, but I tend to avoid all Instagram-popular stops. I linger at this little Hobbyist Cafe at Charoenkrung early in the mornings for my first coffee of the day... an Americano. :P Somehow I really like their brew.

Never tried the food, so dunno if it's decent. There're fewer hip cafes and many local eateries around this area to occupy casual diners. Also, I didn't ask if they have wifi. I assume they do though. Most cafes offer complimentary wifi. I'm not here long enough to have to work on the macbook in the mornings, and I have a SIM card with generous data allocated. It's a nice quiet place to chill out for a bit before going about the business of the day.

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