Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dessert at Sam Chuk Market

The friends are dessert fiends and we had to round over to the many dessert stalls at Sam Chuk Market (ตลาดสามชุก). I wasn't going to eat them all. Most stalls offered tasting portions, and samples. Since the friends were buying, those were sufficient for me to take a bite just to see how the different desserts tasted.

Spotted intriguing flower crackers/cookies at Baan Mae Noi (บ้านแม่น้อย). Most crackers are made of flour, coconut milk, egg yolk, butter, salt and sugar made into different shapes. This one was intriguing- khanom dok jok (ขนมดอกจอก, lotus flower cookie). Freshly deep fried in a pot of oil, each piece was draped over tiny tea cups to dry and form its shape of a bouncy flower.

Khanom Dok Jok (ขนมดอกจอก).

One cannot do without water in this heat. My water bottle is of no help as it's not chilled. Ice cubes are awesome. Bought drinks instead. Easily downed a bottle of cold water. That certainly felt good. There're also chilled sugar cane drinks. You could choose to have them in a plastic cup, or pay a little for the 'novelty' of drinking it from a cup made from sugarcane. Oof. But all their drinks are wayy too sweet. What's up with this crazily sweet tooth Thais have??!! Had to dilute the sugarcane juice with water.

Stopped by Khun Aor Khanom Khay Plaa (ขนมไทยไข่ปลาคุณอ้อ). The stall sells a rarely seen Thai dessert- khanom khay plaa (ขนมไก่ปลา, fish egg sweets). It looks like golden fish eggs, but it's blobs of sugar palm fruit or taro with shredded coconut. Khun Aor herself only tends to the stall on weekends. It's surprisingly not too sweet! I suppose it's closer to a savory snack. I liked it! We bought quite a few boxes to-go and ate two boxes on-the-spot.

Khun Aor Khanom Khay Plaa (ขนมไทยไข่ปลาคุณอ้อ)

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