Saturday, August 13, 2016

An Afternoon with N

Always fun to have N swing into town. I've got no idea if hotel rates have anything to do with whether we could view National Day fireworks from its window, but she said that this August, hotel rates were a lot kinder than the previous years'. Ha. So she opted to stay at a lovely suite in town where she could walk everywhere and take the train out.

She squared off a few hours for a chat over lunch and coffee. And for a few other random activities too. I also had a window of down-time from a hectic week to match those hours. Hurrah! Off to Tatsuya we went for a satisfying bowl of chirashizushi-don. Then a coffee for a caffeine fix before we did the tourist-thing and hit up Gardens by the Bay for a stroll on a non-crowded weekday.

I abandoned her the next day because she went shopping. Hahaha. She had a list of stuff to buy and she didn't need company. I pointed her towards Takashimaya, and she really liked the store. Well she likes the one in Tokyo, and she thinks the one in Singapore is decent too since it carries a comprehensive range of labels. She fulfilled the entire shopping list from the departmental store. :P

We didn't spend any time at PokéGyms or lurking at PokéStops. Hahahaha. It's been a week since Pokémon GO was released in our countries. We've leveled up so fast, fought many battles, won and lost PokéGyms that our interest for the game has waned. We don't particularly care about catching all 'em rare Pokémons. Awww, I've missed N's company. Glad that we hung out properly.

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