Friday, August 12, 2016

Future World

Nature- '100 Years Sea Animation Diorama'.

Finally visited 'Future World', ArtScience Museum and teamLab's collaboration on the museum's first permanent exhibition that will be refreshed over the next three years. Nice. If you hold a Marina Bay Sands rewards card, I believe the entry discount is almost 50% with one additional complimentary ticket. At least that was what I got when we went.

The exhibition has a number of activities catered specially for children. Lots of drawing and coloring stuff. Tremendously glad I avoided visiting during the school holidays, forgot about it and only stepped in on a week day when I had visitors in town. We hung out at the exhibition for an hour and it wasn't exactly crowded. Whewwww.

Current themes focus on Nature, Town, Park and Space. The 15 digital installations are interactive and fairly engaging. I like the quality of it because it doesn't feel like a high school project. Some of the 'future', 'tech' exhibitions here are really lacking in technology to wow. Or rather, the curator doesn't know how to fully utilize technology to engage audiences and those exhibitions tend to end up being a bore after all the hype.

Town- 'Media Block Chair'.

Town was pretty cool. It doesn't just tell us how the future of living might be. It invites visitors to create that future in its digital landscapes by moving blocks and objects about on the tables and seeing our creations rendered 4D and interpreted on the large screen. And there's a slide. :P Adults could go on it too, except you need to watch out for children and try not to crush them.

At Park's Sketch Aquarium, it was kinda fun sketching sea creatures and seeing other people's artworks scanned in and animated on screen. It wash hilarious to see so many characters from SpongeBob SquarePants and Minions floating around. We didn't really want to fight with the children at Light Ball Orchestra. But couldn't resist and found a small corner. Well, all we wanted to do was to touch those balls, bump them to change the color and roll them around for a bit. The children stayed way longer. Hahaha.

The final portion is obviously meant to dazzle- Space's Crystal Universe. 17,000 LED lights. Bit irritated at how humans jammed up the narrow aisle to do, what else, take a thousand photos. I squished past them to the end and watched the lights flicker from the a safe distance without human elbows in my face.

Space- 'Crystal Universe'.

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