Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nasi Ambeng

Still on the search for a regular nasi padang joint. There're many at Jalan Sultan area. We tried a version at an eatery in Bussorah Street, in the form of nasi ambeng. It was pretty okay. It came with soft paru too! Heh. Good rempah and spices. But its chillies and sambal weren't ideal.

We always pop over to Simpang Bedok for lunch or supper but never bothered to stroll that 100m to East Village. Finally stopped by Ambeng Cafe by Ummi Abdullah at East Village. Air-conditioned, food comes fast, and they're known for their nasi ambeng.

Food was much better than we expected. I'd definitely return for another meal! However, as usual, there're hits and misses. The texture of the sambal sotong is different each time; it almost seems that it's dependent on how long they brine the squid that day. Eeeps. There's the standard 'Nasi Ambeng Sahan Set' with two-tiered pricing (for different ingredients) for two to three persons. But the platters are big and a two-person portion could probably feed three. There's a 'Nasi Jenganan Sahan Set'. Good if you like spicy peanut gravy or ikan kukus goreng.

One lunch, we chose the 'Nasi Rawon Sahan Set'. Wanted the kuah rawon tetel (beef gravy with keluak). I miss that loads. Totally hit a spot. Didn't care about the fried chicken wings. While the chunks of beef weren't that tender in the rendang, the rempah was perfect. Sambal sotong was satisfying. The set was generous with two eggs topped with sambal belado, and two big pieces of tempeh and sambal belachan. Loved the soft paru.

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