Saturday, September 24, 2016


I brought granola and muesli bars, cup noodles and instant packs of coffee. Sustenance. And to feed the friends when we don't have time to sit down to breakfast or lunch. Luckily I did so. There're some mornings with only time for a shower, boil a kettle of water, get the coffee ready and it's go-go-go.

The cup noodles are for days I rather have less MSG in the system. Ugh. Every meal we ask for 'NO MSG, LESS SALT, LESS OIL', but it doesn't always work. Wanted to do this Aunty-thing- I briefly considered buying eggs from the supermarkets and convenience stores to boil them in the kettle that every hostel/hotel room provides. It's a clean business and will fill me up instead of getting more MSG. But I didn't. Clearly I'm not desperate enough. 😬

Coffee is a MUST. The instant packs are filter bags in the style of kopi-o-siu-dai. Otherwise I'll be damn grouchy. Good coffee isn't easily accessible on this trip and I'm preferring coffee without milk. There're Starbucks and Costa along the way, but I don't quite want those.

The breakfast buffet spread at the hotel has three coffee machines that seem to spoil all the time because when it blinks 'to empty tray' (in English), the staff enthusiastically fills it up with water. Zzzz. Yup, I watched it happen. In this case, I wasn't about to intervene because the supervisor was so fierce to his staff and insisted he was right. I rather have my kopi-o-siu-dai. Heh.

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