Saturday, October 08, 2016

Cheating Sons At Hard Rock Cafe

At Hard Rock Cafe. 

I put on Cheating Sons' albums on repeat in the plane or for a short 5km jog. I must have said this before- it makes for pretty good in-flight jiving, and trekking. :P Their folk-roots-rock melodies are really catchy, something different from my usual genres of post-rock and alternative rock.

Didn't mind stopping by Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) to hear Cheating Sons. The show was held under the umbrella of 'Bandwagon Nights'But I wasn't brave enough to attempt having a pre-gig dinner there too. Heh. This is a venue I haven't stepped into for a while. Good on the venue for supporting the bands and keeping admission charges low at $10 per entry with a drink, and kudos to Bandwagon to keep the gigs going. Bands should also be versatile enough to play in different types of venues. But honestly, HRC's backline is kinda lacking, and if the bands don't beef it up, then it makes for a less than stellar listening experience. They'll just sound average pub band.

I'm glad to have heard Cheating Sons last month when they played at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. They sounded fantastic. Such an enjoyable gig. That was of course done on a bigger stage with better equipment, and great vibes. It was a really good show.

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