Friday, October 07, 2016

Pink for October

For someone who's quite averse to colors, I seem to have acquired a whole lot of accessories in PINK. Not so much of a sweet pastel hue or baby pink, but in a fierce strong bright PINK. FUCHSIA PERHAPS. If you see me with pink things, chances are, they're a gift. Even my current phone case is in some bright hue of SALMON PINK because the fierce person who gave it me insisted I use it pronto. 😐

I have some pink things ready to wear in support of another movement in another month. But pink is a pretty apt color now since October is 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month', and pink is the internationally adopted color of breast cancer awareness programs.

This pink streak is topped off by the latest gift from V who was in London and got me a surprise pouch. Couldn't stop giggling when I unwrapped the paper bag and out came this envelope pouch in FUCHSIA PINK! Win lor. Only girlfriends dare to give me pink things because they know I love them enough to actually use these practical gifts they gleefully bought.

The statement on the pouch read 'Bag of Tricks'. How wonderful. Oh yes. On some days, I certainly could use a bag of tricks to resolve all these strange issues and problems cropping up at work and all that. This OCD ME would possess a nifty bag of tricks in order to weave magic and sprinkle stardust. This 'Bag of Tricks' currently holds all essential electronic gadgets to sustain a full work day.

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