Thursday, October 06, 2016

Katanashi An

Blindly followed the BFF out to lunch and she walked us to a restaurant at Boon Tat Street. It was only when we got there then I realized it was Katanashi An, the sister outlet of Katanashi at Boat Quay. We went early, so the restaurant was pretty much empty. We got seats immediately but there was a long line when we left. Ugh. Imagine queuing for food under the sun on such a hot day, in corporate attire. Not much shade available!

Katanashi An offers pretty decent rice bowls for lunch. Besides seafood and fish, there're teriyaki chicken and other meats too. The BFF ordered an unagi-don in the style of hitsumabushi. There was dashi that could be poured over towards the end into a chazuke. My salmon-ikura-don surprised me, pleasantly. I was full and couldn't finish the rice, so didn't bother pouring in the dashi. R's tempura prawns looked fun and would definitely be good for people looking for more bite in their meals.

I was staring at the wet wipes that the restaurant bothered to draw in order to welcome diners. I like the personal touch. Hello Kitty is of course instantly recognizable. The BFF claimed it immediately. But I was wondering what the heck the other two are. I couldn't stop laughing when the BFF explained about Anpanman (アンパンマン). I never knew!!! Well I don't exactly like anpan (あんパン) or any flavor of its filling be they whichever-colored beans, sesame or chestnut. 😂

But we have no idea what the third one is. It looks like a beansprout. Surely it isn't Doraemon with its Take-copter??!

Top: Said possible Doraemon with its Take-copter;
Middle:  Anpanman;
Bottom: Clearly, Hello Kitty

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