Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fried Stuff & A Pint of Guinness

This MBTI nonsense. Been made to submit that 'hello-welcome-to-the-firm questionnaire' thrice for three recent separate projects. I registered my skepticism; nevertheless dutifully completed it. And of course all my answers will point to personality type INTJ. What else? Not as if my associates at work expect anything less or more from me.

Feeling rather INTJ-anti-social, there's only a very small number of humans I don't mind keeping a date with, V is one. Glad that dinner was fixed at Molly Malone's with V. It was thankfully a quiet night with no crowds at the pub. The musician on stage that night wasn't too bad. No crazy drums, electric guitars and the sort.

After a long day at the office, good company, fish and chips, and a pint of Guinness were the salve to soothe fried brains. Our choices of food probably held zero nutritional value beyond providing carbs and calories. LOL. But they sufficed. I haven't done these deep-fried things in a while. Heh. Conversation and laughter with the girlfriend restored my sanity before heading home to chill out with a book.

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