Friday, October 28, 2016

Little Things That Sit In Our Bags

I couldn't contain my giggles when L innocently whipped out her bunny at lunch and plonked it with the desserts. Just like that. Over the years, I've seen too many cuties appear at various occasions and venues. Bunnies, bears, caterpillars, hippos, elephants, whatever. Mostly, these cuties sit at home or in the car, but clearly, there're also many of us who have no qualms about carrying around stuffed animals in our bags. 😭

In fact, I don't particularly care when strange glances are thrown my way if I take out a tiny bear to pose at meal tables or at drinks. At least I'm not carrying one around in my arms. Sometimes, I even take on my bears' personas when texting the friends. They naturally become Aunty A, Aunty V, Aunty E, Aunty L, so on and so forth. HAHAHAHAHA.

📷: V.
If cuties appear, they're inevitably in the form of an animal, more so than cartoon characters. Unless said animal originates from a cartoon. Say, for example, a Donkey. V's buddy. As pictured. This Donkey managed to secure a seat in the plane all to herself for a three-hour flight.

I love my bears. They take turns to come out with me to play and scare people. Luckily, the friends have been more than indulgent. Call it a quirk. But you don't have to hang out with us and suffer our stuffed pets. 😎

It's certainly not an insecurity thing. It's not gender-specific as well. Not limiting to gender stereotypes too. Maybe it's juvenile. But hey, nobody said it's psychologically unbalanced to be talking to stuffed animals or adopting their personas once in a bit. Maybe it's a form of escape. Maybe it's the adults holding on to the last vestiges of a carefree childhood and an imaginary world where it's all peachy and awesome.


Livia G said...

I brought my beloved Dodo the dinosaur to Hawaii and fit right in with the nature :D
We should be comfortable to have our own little quirks now and then.

imp said...

Oh yes!!

Ooh, that's too cute- to have Dodo hanging out with you on your walks.

b.muse said...

Or maybe they are really alive.. Heeheehee.

imp said...

b.muse: Of course they are! :P